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Our Process

Our ProcessWith over 50 years of experience, we have established an efficient process that successfully provides clients valuable and formulative insight from their initial conceptual ideas, through design and construction, to project completion. Our process focuses on early involvement working proactively with the client to identify the best approach, applications, and solution for any project. This full-service integrated team approach allows our clients the flexibility and creativity to make an informed business decision prior to investing in the project.

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The start of a collaborative relationship

BBL works with our clients at the initial thought of any potential project. Our team of seasoned professionals, collaborate with each client, guiding them through an integrated process to develop a conceptual strategy.

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Make an informed business decision

We have developed an efficient and creative process with our clients that allow the client to make an informed business decision in the early stages of the project. This process can reduce and/or eliminate risks, delays, and costs.

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Development, Planning, and Design

Identify your project needs

Our subject matter experts work with each client to identify the project needs from our in-depth analysis, space programing, conceptual site plan, floor plans, exterior building renderings, outline specifications, to a detailed project development schedule and budget.

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Build with confidence

Our flexibility allows us to approach any project with process and certainty, no matter the project type, size, or location. Our dedicated experts lead the project with the supporting team, integrating all project objectives and goals, which ensure communication, transparency, and success.

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We make the transition seamless

Upon the completion of construction, we ensure the owner understands the building. We will provide appropriate training for proper maintenance and operation of the building, equipment, and all systems. Our team approach allows the transition of a project to be seamless. This ensures to our clients that what we promise is what we deliver.

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