Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BBL is constantly looking for innovative methods to improve the way we build and deliver projects to our clients. With Building Information Modeling (BIM), our project teams utilize the most advanced technology to deliver more predictability and insight to the end result, enhanced performance and productivity, faster project delivery, lower construction costs, better quality construction, and increased efficiency in facilities management upon completion and turnover of projects.

smart roomCollaborative Communication. Successful implementation of BIM technology requires a collaborative work environment that engages all stakeholders: designers, engineers, consultants, contractors, specialty trades, and suppliers. BBL has learned how to effectively create and manage this collaborative communication process to facilitate intelligent decision-making and optimize results, from project conception through project completion.

Value Add BIM Services

3D Concept Model & Review

  • Provides an early and realistic 3D visualization of the project that allows for early detection of design and/or constructability problems before construction starts.
  • Virtual walk-throughs, flyover views, and mock-ups provide clients the ability to better visualize, understand and make important decisions about the aesthetics and functionality of the project in its early stages.
  • Can reduce cost through early detection of value engineering/management opportunities.

3D Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Coordination (Clash Detection)

  • Greatly reduces financial risks and RFI submissions by allowing for early detection of coordination conflicts during the design process versus the construction phase.
  • Early coordination and the high level of information available in a model, which present opportunities to prefabricate certain materials and systems, resulting in increased quality and reduced cost and time.
  • Provides client’s Facilities Management personnel the opportunity to be involved in the coordination process to ensure their needs and requirements are addressed early on in the project.

4D Construction Scheduling & Site Logistics

  • Provides clients with a real-time visualization of construction sequencing and how the project will be staged at each phase of construction.
  • Contractors have the opportunity to better visualize and sequence site logistics and strategically plan for material delivery/staging, construction equipment, and crew activity, thus resulting in improved efficiency and cost savings.

5D Quantity Takeoff, Estimating & Procurement

  • Provides clients with real-time budget updates during preconstruction as design changes and details develop.
  • Allows designers and contractors to optimize value engineering opportunities and provides clients the visualization how these opportunities will impact design.
  • Provides clients with a cost timeline by linking the model, schedule, and cost to predict cash flow.

6D Facilities Management/As-Built Model

  • The BIM model, if maintained and updated throughout the construction process, can be turned over to the Owner to use as the As-Built documents and to aid in facilities management. The model will contain project specifications, operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, and warranty information, which is useful for future maintenance.

BBL “SMART” Facilities

  • Our In-house “SMART” facility is an area dedicated to facilitating BIM coordination meetings. It was specifically designed to encourage a collaborative environment in which owners, designers, engineers, and contractors can communicate and resolve issues whether participants are in the room or joining from a remote location.