BBL has fully integrated sustainability into our company, process, and projects. The broad spectrum of green design, construction, and systems can often present a daunting and ambiguous undertaking for a Client. BBL’s range of experience in implementing green design, construction, and systems can simplify the process and guide the Client in achieving the sustainability goals of their project.

Project Goals

The Client’s vision must be interpreted to identify the project’s goals for sustainable initiatives. Establishing goals will in turn define the appropriate steps to ensure those goals are met. The goals most commonly requested by BBL’s clients include:

  • LEED Certification
  • Reduction of Energy Usage
  • Reduction of Operating Cost
  • Government Funding and Incentive Programs
  • Community Consciousness and Environmental Stewardship


The green project goals are established early within the process through a design charrette, which typically is attended by the Developer/Owner, Tenant, Architect, Engineer, Design/Builder, and Property Manager. The financial goals of the project are considered before the green project goals are ultimately adopted. The green project goals are monitored throughout design (Schematic, Design Development, and Construction Documents) and construction delivery. BBL develops and implements sustainability strategies and green design through a customized approach on a project by project basis.

Experience and Credentials

BBL has constructed over 1 million square feet of LEED certified projects. While not all Clients ultimately seek LEED certification, the Client’s sustainability goals are managed by the BBL team to achieve the desired result.

BBL has instituted LEED corporate training and continuing education programs through lectures and seminars held in-house. The company has twelve (12) LEED professionals and sponsors LEED accreditation for all project staff.