Integrated Project Delivery / LEAN

Though relatively new to the industry, BBL has been a proponent of the principles that surround Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) for  decades. The very core of our business model and practice is to merge design and constructability into an integrated process, allowing us to identify the best way to build a project and manage the Owner resources.

Our approach to IPD begins with building strong relationships in which a mutual level of respect and trust is established amongst key project stakeholders. Throughout the life-cycle of a project, BBL strives to maintain a level of transparency and open communication by working collaboratively with owners, architects, engineers, and trade contractors. By leveraging the use of innovative tools and technology such as Building Information Modeling (BIM) and cloud-based applications, value is added to a project by enhancing communication and maximizing efficiency.

BBL’s IPD strategy:

  • Collaborative team approach
  • Open and transparent communication
  • Outline and understanding project goals
  • Early involvement of all project participants
  • Use of cutting edge technology
  • Lean construction practices
  • Design Assist
  • Cost & schedule control
  • Onsite/co-located project teams

Benefits of IPD:

  • Reduced design and construction costs
  • Schedule optimization
  • Improved quality of construction
  • Reduced risk for project stakeholders
  • Integrated Design