BBL Management Group

BBL Management Group is a full service property management firm with over 25 years of experience in New York State. Organization and efficiency are the keys to our success for providing professional management services for properties of any size and use.

BBL Management Group is complemented by a dedicated team of professionals experienced in all levels of property management, accounting and lease administration. We currently manage approximately 3 million square feet of commercial real estate. Our portfolio is comprised of over 50 properties and 300 tenants in the corporate, retail, industrial, financial, and medical markets.

We implement a customized plan of scheduled preventative maintenance to protect building systems and equipment. We make cost efficient, aesthetic, and operational recommendations to sustain a property’s value and optimize rental rates.

BBL Management Group provides extensive building-specific reports tailored to each owner’s request. Our reporting and analysis capabilities keep clients fully informed, providing accurate accounting of each property’s financial performance. The BBL Management philosophy is to increase owner equity, while enhancing the landlord/tenant relationship.


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