BBL has experience in building multifamily buildings in a range of urban and suburban settings. From market-rate apartments and military housing to mixed-use facilities that include residences, we understand the trends, community concerns, and financial realities of creating successful projects. We share that expertise with our clients upon initial contact, and work collaboratively until we finalize the project plan. That is just one of the many ways we go far beyond other contractors to provide our customers the guaranteed costs and schedules they deserve.

BBL Multifamily Experience


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Starbuck Island Apartments Location: Green Island, NY
Square Footage: 321,664

Vicina Apartments Location: Troy, NY
Square Footage: 96,000

@Hudson Park Apartments Location: Albany, NY
Square Footage: 58,000

Mosaic Village Location: Cohoes, NY
Square Footage: 78,876

The News Apartments Square Footage: 150,000

Park South Apartments Square Footage: 738,000

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