Medical facilities have complex, high-tech requirements that can include everything from surgical environments to radiation shielding and vibration reduction. BBL Medical Facilities has the expertise to guide the development of a medical building program to the exacting standards required by modern healthcare performance. That’s why we we’ve been named by Modern Healthcare’s Design & Construction Survey as the #1 Design-Builder and among the top three for 20 consecutive years.

Our process is based upon years of experience, enabling us to provide our customers with a guaranteed price and schedule from the earliest stages of building program development. Our clients actively participate in BBL’s development process from the initial planning and programming phase through design, construction, and occupancy. Nothing is left to chance. There are no cost or schedule overruns. We accomplish this with the integration of BBL’s trademarked Practice-Ready Delivery Process®, our technical resources, the medical experience of our development team, and the valuable input from our clients. BBL is passionate about quality, value, and most importantly – customer satisfaction.

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