Non-Profit Organizations

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Jon deForest, Principal & Executive Vice President
518-452-8200 ×4195

BBL has been building and renovating office and service facilities for non-profit organizations (NPO) since our founding in 1973. We have a long history of excellent service and support in this arena, and are pleased to be able to share our expertise with future clients. From environmentally efficient “smart houses” for developmentally disabled adults, to classrooms, career centers, and corporate headquarters, BBL has the process, the know-how, and the service commitment to guarantee cost and schedule for NPO projects. BBL explores all available design and construction techniques, including prefabrication of materials and systems, which result in increased quality and reduced cost and time.


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DSC_0652Unity House Conifer Park Location: Troy, NY
Square Footage: 5,000

LR_mainLiving Resources Smart House Location: Guilderland, NY
Square Footage: 3,797

extUnity House Location: Troy, NY
Square Footage: 33,600

Northeast Parent ChildNortheast Parent & Child Society Location: Schenectady, NY
Square Footage: 55,000

Hope ClubHope Club Location: Latham, NY
Square Footage: 3,750

Care for LifeCare for Life Location: Albany, NY
Square Footage: 15,825

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