BBL has a long history of supporting commercial entities with office building design, construction, and renovation. We are also adept in the growing trends of mixed-use facilities that combine office space, retail space and residential. We bring extensive support to every project, beginning on the day a potential client contacts us to explore their options. We share our knowledge and expertise with our customers and cover all the bases as we work through an effective approach that meets all municipal requirements, has the support of the local community, and can be delivered for the cost and schedule that we guarantee in our project plan.


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Exterior Close UpMVP Health Plan Headquarters Location: Albany, NY
Square Footage: 175,000

Exterior 1Center City Plaza Location: Schenectady, NY
Square Footage: 57,000

Area with Desksnfrastructure Location: Malta, NY
Square Footage: 5,600

Exterior 1Patroon Creek Corporate Center Location: Albany, NY
Square Footage: 418,000

ExteriorNYS Funeral Directors Location: Colonie, NY
Square Footage: 21,380

Exterior 1258 Hoosick Street Location: Troy, NY
Square Footage: 60,000